we went back

To the New Moon set today to get some daytime shots. And how cool it was. I am not ashamed or embarrassed to admit that I may have squealed like a tween. And more than once.

Bella's house. It isn't even a real house; just a complete shell. The chimney is actually made out of styrofoam

The telephone/utility poles are also fake

And fake trees

The cars. I hope they remember to change Charlie's license plate to a WA state one lol

Bella's truck(one is a stunt double?? lol) And Bella and Jacob's motorcycles

We actually made it to these (fake) trees Friday night. Now we understand why security was so upset; we were super close lol!

View from infront of the trees we got too Friday night. Yup, we were pretty close

And where too next? How about Jacob's house? It was a fair drive away but we figured we were going for it. And so glad we did.

Rumour has it that this is *THE* meadow

What a great day


  1. ho.ly. mo.ly.
    that. is. awesome.

    SUPER HUGE jealous here!!!

  2. Very cool pics! TFS!! :0) Your next goal is to get some pics of those wolves. ;0)

  3. Thanks for posting these, you made my girl very happy...and envious!! Now she is counting down the days till the movie is released!

  4. Great "stalker" photos from a true fan! Good for you, Quiltie!!! What a neat experience!


  5. Thanks for the tour...I loved seeing the pictures and now I gotta see the movie!


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