i gave into peer pressure

Have you see the quilt-a-thon happening over at the Old Red Barn Co?(details here) I had debated about joining but than I couldn't decide on fabric so I passed.

But than tonight Cindy and I went to our local Fabricland to check out a sale and I found the most fabulous fabric. And since I found the 12 fabrics I needed for the quilt-a-thon, they followed me home.

And because I can't do anything halfway(or the way I'm supposed too lol) I bought a full meter of each fabric. My plan is to double the size of the quilt and, fingers crossed, it will be big enough for our bed lol.

Now to get caught up


  1. I recognize that wonderful fabric as Rebel Roses. I won a layer cake a while back from Heather Peterson and have made a table topper and a table runner so far. I have pictures on my blog.

  2. The colours work well together! Looking forward to seeing your creation. Cheers!

  3. I am so close to caving. I want this fabric, too!! Not sure if I want to make that same quilt with it, though.

  4. oooh.
    ♥ your fabrics.

    are these heather mulder peterson???

  5. and you found these at fabricland??? are you sure???

  6. Ah, Rebel Roses, good choice. I can't wait to see the finished quilt. I gave in too, only Basic Grey followed me home.


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