it's a mystery

A mystery quilt that is! Mom, Cindy and I signed up for Hamels Mystery Quilt this year. None of us have done one before. Way back in January, we were given all the fabric and each month we get instructions. Last night was the night we were finally getting together to get started.

We are all doing the same size(Lazy Lap lol!) but different fabrics. Mom's quilt is Kanas Troubles; Cindy and I are both using the Cider Mill line. Mine is in the greens and Cindy's in the browns

For part of one of the blocks, we had to make Flying Geese(shudder). I detest Flying Geese(just fabric ones lol) But the way it is done in the instructions was fascinating! And oh so simple.

You take a 5 1/4inch square and 2 2 7/8inch squares(draw a diagonal line across the wrong side of the square) and sew them together like so.

Here is Cindy drawing her lines. Abby was supervising lol.

Than you cut them apart and get a funky piece like this.

Iron carefully(remember little or no steam and press. don't use a side to side motion) pressing towards the triangles

Now you take a third 2 7/8square and sew it on.

Cut it apart and iron

And ta-da!!

Mom ended up packing it in around 11pm. Cindy left at midnight. I stayed up until just after 1am sewing away. I knew when the cats were all asleep, it was probably time for me to sleep too lol

Now to resist going farther on this; I need to get my Quilt a Long quilt finished.


  1. Wow... different technique! I can't sat I enjoy anything triangl-ish, but it's always nice to see them done!

  2. Oh, gosh...I'm so jealous of your sewing ability! This looks great!

  3. I love the Cider Mill Road line from Nancy Halvorsen. I am working on a project with that line of fabrics! Can't wait to see the finished project!


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