quilt a long

I'm still trying to get caught up with Old Red Barn's quilt a long. I'm still sewing my strips together. And did I mention it took just under 3 hours to get the 12meters of fabric?(I'm doubling the size of my quilt because that's just how I roll lately lol)

Look at all the sewn strips. At last count, there were 18; anyone want to come help iron and cross cut them?

Or help sew the last 60 strips together? Anyone?? lol


  1. Love all of the fabrics that you are using in your strips. Big job ahead of you to press and sub-cut. At this point, I'm always wishing that I had help, also. Sally

  2. Wow, that's a big job to do it double. It's big already as is! I like to do quilts bed size too. It is going to look awesome done up in Rebel Roses.


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