schools out

And I'm sad. Not because my kids are going to be home now but because today we said goodbye to an excellent public school. Our oldest and youngest go to private school and we had said when #2 finished in elementary, we would move all four of them to the private school. And the time is now here.

We spent 6 yrs at this school; the principal has been there as long as we have and she is leaving as well. It was a very bitter-sweet morning.

I made a messenger bag for #2's teacher. I changed a few things on this one. The lining was bigger than it was supposed to be(that's what you get for sewing after midnight lol) so I folded it over the front and made it into a band. I really like how this one turned out. And more importantly, the teacher loved it.


  1. Nice messenger bag u hav there. thought of making 1 for my son too. Lov the fabric.

  2. What an awesome teacher gift! Wow. I love it. Can you make me one? Pleeeease? I'm serious. Email me and we'll work out the details. :)

    As for saying good bye at the end of a school yearl, it really is a bittersweet thing. I blogged about saying good bye to our principal yesterday... *sigh*

  3. Very nice bag! I wish I could sew!

  4. That is a great gift!
    Love the fabric too!


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