bag night

Last night some of the Ladies Who Lunch got together at work to do some bag making.

We all decided to make this bag

Here is Cindy instructing Sarah on cutting out her fabric

Everyone listening intently on the next step

Jill caught my measuring and marking mistake just before she cut her fabric-opps! Good eye Jill!

I apparently was making measuring mistakes all night-note how my two bags are NOT the same size lol

Jill almost finished here; just the straps to go

Deana was able to get her bag finished even with Little Evie there cheering her on.

Jill deciding another bag or maybe a funky skirt?

And check out her fantastic shoes. Interesting that we wear the same size ;)

At the end of the night, almost everyone had finished their bags

Sarah got two done

Deana with hers

Jill so nicely modeled them all for us. Mine is the chunk of fabric on the end; I just need to add my straps

Than it was suggested we take a *funky* picture. So I laid on the floor for it. I was laughing so hard I'm surprised the picture turned out. Plus I was falling over

Thanx for such a fun night! Even Mini-E had fun

5 love it too:

Cindy @ Creating at Home said...

What a fun night!

Kimberly said...

they look great!!

Andy said... much fun! Love love love Cindy's hair...oh yeah, the bags are super cute too:) Next time I'm in....

Quilter Going Bananas said...

Looks like you all had a blast making
your bags, a great way to spend the evening together :^)

Judy said...

What great bags...and what a lot of fun! Now here's the neat part...I even recognize someone on your post.

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