an FYI

This was my favorite pot. It's the perfect size; it's the most used in my collection

Tonight, I put some water on the stove to boil. Went downstairs and forgot about the pot. Realized pot was on the stove when I heard a strange sound.

Thank goodness I hadn't caused a fire. What I did cause was this

The pot got so hot that the welding holding on the copper bottom MELTED and came right off

The pot doesn't sit flat anymore; not that we can use it anyways.

It was neat to see how the welding stuff(what is that called? lol) melted and hardened. It looks just like tin foil; just thicker

So next time you put a pot on the stove, don't leave the kitchen!!


  1. Been there done that ... sorry.

    I now set a timer so I don't forget.

  2. Too late. Been there, done that. With eggs too.

  3. I am so glad there wasn't a fire! I've done that too - ack!!!

  4. I always do that with boiled rice. I burn it most of the time because I walk out of the kitchen to do something else and don't realize it until I smell the burning rice. I also now set a time.


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