i have the bestest husband ever

Why? Because Jim surprised me with a trip last week. Where you ask?

Home of Twilight


  1. you can't leave us hanging like this...c'mon, where's the scoop? Did you go to the restaurant and order the mushroom ravioli? I bet that restaurant doesn't make anything but that! You are, officially, the most die hard Twilight fan I know:) The question is....team Jacob or team Edward? Personally, I'm team Charlie. eeeewwwwww.....just kiddin'

  2. nothing wrong with Team Charlie! i go back and forth all the time too. Charlie at least is closer to my own age lol

    i'll be posting more pictures off and on; and they are all on facebook now

  3. Hi! Love your quilts! Were you in Forks on the 4th? My son's friend was there and he won some contest as the best "Edward" lookalike - even rode in the parade! It's quite a quirky little town, isn't it?! Thanks for the great read! xo, Nan

  4. How cool! I just started reading Twilight over the weekend :)


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