today i had a dream

Of not leaving the house and sewing all day long. Instead, I read for a few hours. Played with the kids outside and spent too much time goofing off on Twitter and Facebook.

Around 4pm, a storm rolled in and the thunder and lightening started. Yanked the kids out of the pool(they were so thrilled with that) and turned off the computers. And decided it was time to start sewing.

My goal today was to finally get my Quilt ALong quilt together. Guess what? I did. And I love it. It's a great size;roughly 115 square. It's not ironed in this picture; I figured I would just iron it once so I'll do that before I quilt it

I than decided to sew the remaining blocks together. I had decided what to do with a quilt with the leftovers. From sewing the rows together and adding the borders, it only took about 3 hours. And I love it. I may even love it more than the one I made for us lol.

I still have a few blocks measuring 7.5X11.5 but I have a plan for those. Stay tunned


  1. Both quilts look fabulous! Good for you getting those leftovers used up right away!

  2. I absolutely love this quilt made in Rebel Rose. Turned out great!

  3. I envy you your quilt along quilt! Very beautiful! I can't wait to finish getting my top done!

  4. That is beautiful. I love the colors and fabrics!


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