bags bags and more bags

I have been completely bitten by the bag obsession. I love how fast you can whip one right up.

I made these two while in Calgary last week. Both are fully reversible. The red one has the yellow floral inside and the floral bag has green fabric that matches the red on the inside. Clear as mud? lol

Pattern can be found here. Bet you can't make just one ;)


  1. Those are adorable. Thank you for posting the tutorial.

  2. Those do whip up easy....I have taught a group of women how to do those totes, love yours.

  3. The bags look great. I have been of a bit of a bag pattern frenzy but now I need to make some.

  4. Your totes look great!

    I'm bittenby the bag bug too, only, I'm into knitting them.

  5. Love these bags... not sure I can make even just one. *sigh*


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