fun times

Yesterday I headed down to Washington State with my mom and a family friend to visit some fabric stores and of course, Target.

First stop was Tangles Quilt Store; I haven't been to this one before. I LOVE this store.

Than off to Fourth Corner Quilts. Been here before and it's another favorite of mine.

Our final fabric destination, Joanns Fabrics. It's like the mothership calling us home lol! I had to take a picture of this display in Joann's lol

Here are the patterns I picked up

The yummy fabrics. The beige is for quilting, the rest are all for bags.

Wonder what I can do with these.....


  1. Oh wow, I wanted to fun for you all. loved your purchases.

  2. Next time you should go to Two Thimbles it is just down the street from Fourth Corner and Stampendous too which is just around the corner. Both awesome stores too!

    Love your purchases and the Twilight display!

  3. I bought 2 lots of Very Hungry Caterpillar fabrics from Fourth Corner Quilts - nice to see a photo of the shop. Sounds like a great day out.

  4. sounds and looks like a fun day! I always see that twi display when I go to Joanne's too! I have to go to those quilt shops! and as for them apples...they look like the cover of a book i once read....

  5. So why is it that you never call me when you're going to be in my state? LOL! Glad it was a super day for ya!


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