how was your evening??

I had just finished washing the dinner dishes. Jim was heading to the river to do some salmon fishing. I was looking forward to spending my evening finishing off this cute baby quilt, when wait a sec; ewwww, what is that??

Both sides of the kitchen sink started filling with water. I quickly turned off the dishwasher and called Jim. Than the fun started

5 hours later, 2 trips to 2 seperate hardware stores(1 being a 40minute round trip away) and the sink is unclogged.

Now to clean up this and get to bed


  1. What a fun filled evening you had....hummmmm I am sure you are glad it is over and all cleaned up. sorry...

  2. Not a very nice way to spend your night. It could have been worse. You could have been out and it happened. Hope you get another night to sew. Your quilt looks good too.

  3. Dang, sometimes life getting in the way is no fun.

  4. What was that? Something about the best laid plans...?

  5. That sucks! I hate it when something like that happens.


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