late night sewing

Last night I wandered down the street to Cindy's place. The new Quilts and More magazine had been released earlier in the week and we had plans to make the Swing Bag.

I do love how this turned out; just not happy with how small it is. I think some funky photographing was done in taking the magazine picture or the model they used was very tiny. We did change the strap from webbing to a single fabric strap; I like the look of the fabric strap better.

I'm debating about selling this bag(if you are interested, let me know). Or maybe I'll keep it for carrying around my favorite book


  1. I love the bag in these fabrics! Nice touch with the apples. ;-)

  2. I love that bag...the colors are fantastic! :o)

  3. I too like the bag but you are right, it is a little the fabric you used.

  4. I love the looks of the bag too but I'm curious as to how small it really is. How small is it? Your choice of fabric is excellent for the bag! Cindy


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