one more day

Of work this week. Today was a great day; it felt good to get back with the longarm after almost a 3 week break. And tonight I got to spend it with Cindy and Jill. We seem to have started a Tuesday night movie habit(not that any of us are complaining) Tonight we saw Julie & Julia; I highly recommend it!

I'm hoping tomorrow goes well and than I can get this cutie quilted. I was hoping to get it done before we went on holidays so I could deliver it in person but it wasn't meant to be and Canada Post will be delivering it for me. I bought the green fabric years ago and in earlier this year I found the whit/pink floral that matches the flower in the green print perfectly. I'm really happy with how this turned out.


I had to put word verification back on; just too much spam! Sorry, I'm not a fan either!!

Thanx for visiting, hope to see you again soon!

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