where to start?

All I can say is it was a good thing I brought fabric and some patterns on our holidays. The weather was HORRIBLE. We left temps in the upper 30s to a measly 12degrees! EEK! I ended up buying a coat and runners(all I had brought was sandals lol). We ended up with many more indoor days than we had imagined. Thank goodness for a close Michaels store and the boys and my sister in law made these fun foam crafts

Castle in progress

It actually made it home in one piece

Auntie Erica's haunted yard

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Nancy said...

I have the feeling from the photos on Facebook that you were staying about *this close* to our house.... well, maybe not that close... but not far.

Barb said...

Such awesome crafts! Love them. And yes, the weather has been sucky this summer... it's finally nice here in Ontario though. KNOCK ON WOOD! lol

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