bag me again

I started this bag almost a month ago when we had our last Bag Ladies sewing night. I finally got it put together on Monday.

I love the bag. I love how it is all co-ordinated since I used Moda's Chocolat fabric(I'm hoarding some of that too lol)

Nice and roomy inside with a lots of pockets

Now to find a pattern for Friday night's Bag Lady meeting


  1. very cute! I just finished 4 birdie slings last week and now I want something else to work on! I'm looking forward to seeing ya'll on Friday! Should I bring timbits..hee hee.

  2. I love all the bags you are showing. I like making bags and purses. I still have several patterns I need (want) to do. I was wondering, though, do you put any kind of bottom in your bags to help them hold their shape. I have bought the acrylic purse bottoms before, but that gets expensive. I like for a big bag like this one you are showing to have a study bottom for holding heavier things. Any tips would be appreciated.

  3. Hi Susan

    I read that using foam craft sheets will work. Either gluing 2 or 3 together or getting 1 thicker piece. I've bought some but I haven't tried it yet


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