thursday already?

I could swear we've already done Thursday. Anyways, hope you are all having a good week. With the kids going back to school, my free time has drastically reduced and I am struggling with blogging. I'm sure once we get used to school times and back to work, it will all feel normal again

I can happily report that the quilty in Monday's post I did finish Monday evening(YAY!) but I'm going to keep it hidden until next week. Just in case I get nothing else accomplished this week lol

This is the perfect fall quilt by Barb. I love the leaves; the fabrics, the colors; all of it!

Quilted with Autumn Leaves


  1. Yeah, I thought we'd already had Thursday, too, but here we are . . . and it would make sense that when the kids go back to school you'd have MORE free time, but that never seems to happen, either!


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