quilt monday

And it's finished.

I ditched each block than meandered/stippled in them. The two white filler blocks are my favorites. Had some fun with a ruler.

Even went crazy in one block and quilted in two hearts. First one was a tad on the flat side(I left it in anyway) but this one is almost perfect. One block I quilted wavy lines. It's not perfect but I love the look

The tshirts are all brand new so they are a crisp black, not the grey/black you see in the picture.

I quilted some straight lines into the borders/sashings. Now to get the binding finished and drag it off to the movies on Thursday!


  1. SUPER jealous here.
    not. even. joking.

    and hey...
    is that the same red/black print you used in a bag???
    i think i even said something like it looked twilightish.

  2. Oh!! My granddaughter would just love a quilt like this. Maybe I will have to see what I can do since her birthday is in March. Thanks for the idea.

  3. Woohoo!! You did it and it looks fantastic!!

  4. fabulous! I love that you combined two of your passions... quilting and vampires. :)

  5. I followed your link from the Twilight Quilters Coven blog. Ohhhhh! I love it! Nice work!

    TQC Admin

  6. So nice I had to comment twice. Beautiful job! Love the custom quilting! Twilight rocks!


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