i will not panic

Nope, won't do it. Christmas is 3 days away and I'm still not finished. In fact, I haven't even started 1 gift yet and it's the big one. Will Christmas be ruined if it isn't finished in time? Nope.

Here's the summary of what I accomplished yesterday. All 6 hangings are now pinned and ready to buttonhole/quilt(I do the buttonholing right through all the layers and than it just needs ditched and done!) Sadly, my iron died last night too. I was able to get the backings ironed and than it was dead. *sigh* Could have been worse. I'm hoping I just overused it yesterday; fingers crossed.

Still not going to panic. I have tomorrow to spend quilting too. Than I'll worry about the baking for Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. And get the house cleaned. And pick up the last few groceries. And in the end, it will all get done. And if it doesn't; it's all still good.

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  1. What are the fish thingies because I am intrigued? I have a salmon & flyfisher in my life...


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