quilt monday

About 5 years ago, I used to have wall hangings and table runners in a local store for sale. Whenever I made a little something, I would make two. One for me, one for the store.

The store closed and I ended up with lots of quilty goodies. I sold off/gave away all of them. At least that is what I had thought.

Mom was pulling out her Christmas stuffs a few weeks ago when she found a bin full of Christmas quilties that I had had for sale. And wouldn't you know it, I already had one of each of what was in the bin.

I was pretty excited; got to cross of some Christmas projects with the finding these.

Here are two of them. Sorry for the picture; it's late. I meant to do this post when I got home from work but we had piano lessons than a mad dash out to the mall for bigger sized snow boots(the two kids that needed boots wear the same size. and they wanted the same boot. and there was only 1 pair left in their size) and a heavier, thicker hoody for our oldest who refuses to wear a coat(can anyone else relate? lol) Than it was off to church for the kids' Christmas practice, some laundry when we got home and here we are lol.

4 more days of school until Christmas holidays-yay!!


  1. What a nice surprise to find those little quilties!

  2. My youngest son refused to wear a jacket while he was in high school unless it was 20 degrees or lower. I thought I would lose my mind. He also insisted on t-shirts with regular length sleeves. He insisted that it was warm in school and warm in the car so why did he need a jacket for the 2 minute walk from the car to school. At least your son will wear something!

  3. After four kids I finally learned why middle-schooler on up won't wear coats. 1. They don't fit in their locker. 2. They don't use their lockers in high school bz they're running from class to class and a coat is too bulky to use with a backpack even though they're walking outside in the bitter subzero weather! At least this is what my youngest tells me, lol! Love your quilties!

  4. What a great surprise to find some of your quilts for gifts.

  5. My 16 yr old son has yet to wear a coat this season, although today it's about 35 out. I don't think he's worn a coat since last March. He tells me that he doesn't need a coat to go from the car to the house or to school. Maybe I should make him take the bus.


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