i got carried away

I'm attempting to make a doll quilt for a special little someone. That is if I would just sit down and DO the quiltie lol. I want to put a wee border on it and thought I had a small piece of flannel in my scrap box. So I went digging.

Now I have an, almost, empty scrap bin and have come to the realization that the piece of flannel I am looking for is at work with my to-be-quilted quilts *sigh*

At least I can close my scrap bin now. And someone is going to be gifted with all the bits/leftovers. And yes, there are some great chunks in there; two charm square packs, about 5 fat quarters. Fun!


  1. oooooo, i'm a little someone who loves doll quilts!!!! could it be me???? lol!

  2. Who is the lucky "someone"??????

  3. I see you quilters have the same problem with fabric scraps as we scrapbookers do with paper scraps! :P

  4. Ah scraps... Looking for that one piece you "know you have!!" It's like playing hide and seek in a jungle, only the one player doesn't move... lol!

  5. You would be proud. I sewed a bunch of american girl doll clothes for DD, and a quilt for each of my boys for christmas this year. Now...I decided to be more of a sew-er. So I'm looking for blogs. I know that you are a quilter. So I'm hoping to find leads if you have a blog roll!


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