like the energizer bunny i am

That's what I felt like yesterday. Even with yesterdays drama I still managed to complete some quilting projects. Or get them to the quilting stage.

First, I got my disappearing 9patch table runner together. I've decided to not go with a border. I'm really pleased with how this has turned out.

Next, I finally got my doll quilt quilted. This wasn't meant to be a doll quilt. In fact, I'm not ever sure if it qualifies for a doll quilt, I'm just calling it that. I bought a scrap bag of fabric and had originally planned on putting the strips into a baby quilt backing. Instead, I cut the strips in half(there is another piece like this) and added the two little borders. Than I quilted it. I did it on my domestic machine and did a loopy meander. Dare I say that this little quiltie took me roughly 3 hours to quilt? Yes THREE hours!

The quilting is no where near perfect; some of my loops look very square lol. But for a first time, I think I did good. I maybe should have used white thread instead of gray on the back though lol.

Next up? The last of the sock monkeys. There's been another baby born!


  1. you have alot of fun things going the runner...

  2. i heart the little quilts too. if you have sock monkey scraps (no matter how small and hard to stitch) i will buy a couple dollars worth to scrapbook and craft with. (if you're not doing that already ;) have the ladies who lunch tried abby's tracecakes? you would ♥ it

  3. I love the dolly quilt! The colors are so pretty. And the runner is fabulous!


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