quilt monday

There is a little story behind this one. September 2007, it may have even have been 2006!, I took and embroidery class at Hamels Quilt store. This adorable little tea cup sat and sat and sat until fall of 2008 when I completed it. Than I had no idea what to do with it.

Than I had the idea of making it into a little wallhanging for one of my aunts for Christmas. I cut it down to a 6.5 inch square, added some borders, did some stippling, some ditching and ended up with this...

Eeeeek! I just noticed not one but TWO loose threads on the front; I wonder if I got that cut before I gave it away?


  1. It looks great! I love the stippling.

  2. Its a great block. It is a part of a series called The Tea Party. I made as a wall hanging tooand there is about 9 blocks to it.

    Love the colours


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