6 years ago I decided I wanted to make a double wedding ring quilt. I spent around $350 on the fabrics, cut the quilt out and left it. Every 6 months or so, I would pull the pieces out and think, hmmm, maybe this year I'll finish it. And every time the box got put back.

Saturday was the big day. Mom had agreed to help me get it started.

Sooooo many pieces!

How many pieces? LOTS!

I'm doing the orange highlighted amounts.

The two of us sewed for 5 hours,

And in the end, we had all the blue *corner* pieces sewn on and just shy of 200 of the red/brown ones. I have to wonder how long is this really going to take?


  1. Ummm...the two of you spent 5 hours each sewing...WOW!!

  2. Now that you started you've got to keep going!! It will be awesome in the end.

  3. sometimes starting is the hardest part! Can't wait to see it done - the colors are lovely!

  4. I have always loved this pattern and wanted to make one. I admire you for taking it on! I'm so excited to see it finished as I love the fabric!

  5. Can't wait to see a traditional pattern like this done up in batiks! Yum!

  6. Good luck! :) I decided to do one a couple years ago for a friend and could NOT get it to work. I'd get all pieces together nicely until the last point and ugh! So, I gave up on my practice piece (the first one I ever created practice pieces) and looked for other methods. I cheated and used Quiltsmart templates. I still have to quilt the dang thing but it's on the list for this year. I might try it again, realizing now my inexperience was a big part of the problem. ;) So, I'll be watching your progress closely. hehe

  7. Wow, it's going to be great though! I really want to see it in real when you have it all pieced together , K?

  8. You can do it!!! It's going to be lovely too, that chocolate-y brown fabric looks lie it would melt right in my hand. ;)

  9. Good for you for getting it going, and good for you your mom agreed to help get you going on it!!!
    Looks like great fabrics! Just think, at least you don't have to piece all those melons before adding the blue corner pieces!!! 8-)
    You can do this! 2010 is the year!!! We all look forward to seeing this progress! There, now you have pressure! LOL!!


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