A few months back, Rachel did a Fabric Wreath Tutorial for Moda Bake Shop and I knew I had to make it.

I finally grabbed a wire wreath last week. I didn't have a honey bun but I did have a layer cake that I had started cutting into 1.5inch strips so I continued cutting it to use that.

I finished the wreath the other night and I soooooo love it! I cut my strips 5inches long, not 5.5 like Rachel did. And I ended up putting in a few of the skinny leftover strips from the layer cake to add a bit more fullness in a few spots. But I think it's perfect! And it goes perfect on an empty wall I have been trying to find something to put on.

I also finished the top on my last sock monkey quilt. I got 3 baby quilts out of the one fat quarter stack. I got the stack on sale for around $30; a true bargain!

What's even better is that I found enough flannel in my stash for the backing so I didn't have to join a bunch of fabric bits together-yay!


  1. this is the best fabric wreath I have seen. I love it!! I think you should hang it on your front door (so I can come over and steal it)

  2. you made a cotton blossoms wreath?!?!

  3. Nice job on the wreath... really should get mine going. Did it take a long time?


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