for Kate

Kate started this quilt a long long time ago. She know's that it is older than 10yrs but not how old it actually is. She had originally wanted to hand quilt it and had started on the borders. Than decided it was too much work and she pulled the borders off leaving the quilt as is.

She decided over Christmas that it was time to get it finished and she brought it to me to quilt. Kate didn't want a pattern that would stand out so we went with Cotton.

I love the colors in this and how the center star pops right out at you. Enjoy your quilt Kate!


  1. It's beautiful! Hmmm... I'll need to talk to you soon about getting my Village Sampler quilted once it's finished. I think Andrea will too...
    Have a great weekend, Kim

  2. It's beautiful! I know she's so pleased and happy that it's finally quilted, and if she's like me, probably wonders why she waited so long to finish such a beautiful quilt.

  3. This is a beautiful quilt! I love the star medallion in the middle of the log cabin blocks.


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