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I'm still here; I didn't drop off the face of the Earth lol. We are on our second week of Spring Break. I went back to work Monday and haven't really stopped since. Every spare moment I've had at home, I have been spending working on finishing a second UFO. A UFO I started in 2008 I might add. Once I post this, I'm heading back into my sewing room to hopefully get the top finished and I'll show a picture soon.

This past Saturday was Jill's birthday. A group of us got together for dinner and a movie(Old Spaghetti Factory and Remember Me). Jill is a big coffee lover and I knew this little quiltie would be perfect for her.

I got it finished up with literally less than an hour to spare before we headed out. I quilted it with invisible thread; what a nightmare! I'm not thrilled with how it turned out but I had pulled the quilting out twice already and didn't want to do it again.

I had just enough time to get her card done too. Than it was off for an evening of fun.


  1. That is just so cute I am sure Jill loved it.

  2. Oh, I love the quilt and the card, too! :o)

  3. Very lovely quilt (and card, too!)
    I'm sure they made her feel loved.

  4. I love them both, equally, the card and the quilt. I would have never guessed you had been working on it right up to the last minute. :P ILY

  5. Cute! I have one of McKenna Ryan coffee series patterns that I haven't done yet. I really like working with invisible thread...but maybe that is because that is all I used when I first started quilting. It certainly is different than using cotton thread!

  6. Aww, sorry you had an issue with the invisible thread. I hate it on my domestic but I've put it on my Voyager 17 and it worked like a dream. I was thrilled!

    Love the quiltlet though.

  7. Great work on both the little quilt and the card. I enjoy making cards too but I find I make such a mess with all the paper that I have to choose between quilting or cardmaking--never both on the same day :-)

  8. That little quilt is so cute. How is it done? Applique? Or is it a panel? The card is great too!


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