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My Thangles quilt is all ready for the last and final border. Now I knew going into this quilt, it would be too small for our bed. Originally, I was going to give this away but once I figured out how much time and money I've put into this, it is staying with me.

Yesterday I laid it out on our bed to see how small it is(don't you love the tossed pillows at the top? lol). This is the quilt laying sideways and yup, it's small. There is a 10inch border to add onto the quilt but it's still not big enough.

Any suggestions? I have 4.5meters of the red inner border fabric left. Making more blocks is not an option. Width wise, I think it's going to be okay, it's the length that concerns me.


  1. Here's my take on it - add a top and bottom border of the red and call it a day. Really - it is beautiful and you just want it to fit your bed. You are not going to enter it into competition somewhere, right? I say do what you need to do to make it work for you. (I hate rules!!)

  2. Oooh, same problem as me! This morning I posted my Village Sampler... right now I'm adding
    10" borders to the sides to bump it out... legnth is ok.

    Good luck!

  3. I made this same quilt, but with different fabrics! I like yours better. My fabrics were selected by my LQS (BOM program), but they were perfect for my mom. I made it queen sized to fit her bed, and she loved it. I agree with another person that you could put more red on the top and bottom to make it long enough and call it good. Could you get more green like what's in the sashings and put it on all the way around and then add more red after that? I think that would be really pretty, even if it's a new green fabric that's not an exact match to the green you've already used. MHO Stephanie in Michigan

  4. 10" is a good amount for a border all the way around. I think you will be okay when it's all said and done. IF you still think it's too short, well, a quilt for the guests who need extra layering or when you need extra warmth.

  5. No suggestions . . . I just wanted to stop by and say that I love the colors in this one and wish you luck. :D.


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