quilt monday

What a day! Back to school after 2 weeks of laze and relaxation. Back to family/work after a weekend away(more on that later this week). Busy doing music lessons, grocery shopping, laundry and totally forgot about today's blog post. Opps!

I've finally finished the rest of my doll quilties. These are *official* doll quilties; that is just what I'm calling these. But they are for dolls lol.

Some are meandered; some have a loopy stipple. Which is now my new addiction. LOVE looping stippling!

Now to get the last two bindings finished, some labels slapped on them and off into the mail to some special little girls.


  1. super super cute.

    great job - the sock monkey is a nice touch too!

  2. Those little dollie quilts are adorable. The girls are going to love them! What a sweet gift. Oh, and love the loopy stipple too :D.

  3. They are beautiful you are going to make some little girls very happy!!! Marie x

  4. Beeee-yooooou-teeeee-full!
    I love the colours and the texture, Rhonda. You do such lovely work. :)

  5. Those are so cute - I love the colours of them. That might inspire me to make one each of my little girls!

  6. Oh and, did you make the sock monkey too? I love the non-traditional colours of the sock.

  7. no i didn't. i actually got her for $5 in an after Christmas sale; love her :)


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