siggy swap

Rachel over at PS I Quilt is running a siggy swap. The swap filled up fairly quick but I was lucky enough to get a spot.

This was back in January. I bought my fabric and figured I had tons of time to get these blocks done. You know where this is going right? lol

I started cutting Thursday; blocks were due to be postmarked March 1st. Saturday I sewed and sewed. Than I started practicing my signature.

Sunday I signed.

And Monday, off to Rachel they went.


  1. Fun blocks! Keep us posted on the swap :)!

  2. Great to work under pressure. Your blocks look great

  3. they look great..i love sandi henderson...on another note, im trying to figure out who was looking for Sherry Berry's Christmas 2009 fabric...I found a bunch on sale at lqs and wanted to pass it along.

  4. they look great.
    can't wait to see them in person.

  5. What fun! Can't wait to see what comes your way!


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