i'm bored

Regular readers of my blog should know that custom quilting scares me. It's always been a pattern or forget it lol. Okay, not forget it. I've done piano keys, some ditching, stippling/meandering but nothing I would consider *real* custom quilting.

What brought this on? Lisa brought in Bramble Rose Quilt. I've done this one before so I wasn't too nervous. The only change Lisa wanted was to have a rose pattern in the border.

I'm pleased with how it turned out, as was Lisa. This was another favorite one of Chai's as well lol.

And I'm bored. I'm tired of following someone else's design. I want more. I want feathers. And cross-hatching. I want a real *me* touch to the quilts I do. I want the freedom of designing in my head how a quilt will be quilted. I'm not saying I'll never touch another pantograph; I LOVE pantographs, but I'm bored with them.

How am I going to accomplish this? I took a big step today and I booked myself a two day custom quilting class. One on one with a longarmer that I admire and I can't wait to start on this new adventure.


  1. The quilt is gorgeous!

    Good for you for branching out and getting more out if your machine.

    I really want that kitty!!! Just too adorable.

  2. I want that kitty too! She looks adorable and sweet :-)
    Also..this is a beautiful quilt! You did a wonderful job with the quilting. Custom work can be a bit scary. That was all I wanted to do originally except my learning curve is a long, flat road! Now I'm happy with pantos. Excellent idea to get instruction and support. You probably already have a lot more skills in it than you realize. Your quilting is lovely!

  3. You are bored and I am scared. I just started mid arming on my domestic machine and Grace frame and I can't get past meandering and loop de loop. I have a pantograph and am scared to try it--evry time I think i will do a panto on the next quilt I chicken out--just do it! right?

  4. I am so excited for you. What an awesome opportunity!! I am so jealous of your long arm quilting machine. I want one so bad. I know I let fear keep me from doing things I want to. I really have to press myself to step out of the box. I think you have done the right thing by taking this 2 days of instruction by a pro. It will be so much fun. I can't wait to hear how it went AND to see your new custom quilting.

  5. Good for you! That is really exciting, I can't wait to see what you learn! Did you know that MQX will have a Portland show in 2011? We're looking forward to a show closer to home, although I'm sure that Matt will still attend the eastern show. Good luck with your classes!

  6. Good luck on this new adventure! I really long to learn to quilt but for now I hire this part out. Thanks for stopping by my blog. I'm still learning but enjoying everything about making quilts!

  7. Lisa's quilt is beautiful. And oh, that is so exciting about your freemotion class! Take lots of pictures and make sure to give us all the details!


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