quilt monday

My Old Red Barn Quilt Along quilt from summer 2008.

I doubled mine to make it king-sized. I absolutely love this quilt.

Quilted with Tendril and a yummy Cotton Mako thread.

I didn't have enough fabric left for binding. I lucked out and found a meter of an ancient old Moda line, I think it was called Jane's Garden? Something Garden lol. Anyways, there was just enough to bind this in and it matches almost perfectly.


  1. I love it too....I made mine real big too....

  2. love it! I want to get back to making quilts, I have my Aunts old wood frame & it's over 100 years old

  3. I really,really like this quilt too. So pretty!

  4. Looks great! Mine is currently sitting on my quilt frame waiting for me to return to TN to quilt it. 2 weeks and I'll be there. It's my first project when I get back. :D

  5. That is really fun and charming fabric. Love the quilt! It looks like it would make you happy :-)

  6. What an awesome quilt! Love it! Thanks for sharing! 8-)


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