quilt monday

Almost ran out of time on this one. Yesterday was my cousin's house warming. I quilted this on Thursday and started the binding Saturday night. Quickly got the last 2 sides done yesterday afternoon before we had to head to the party. Close call! I really didn't think I would get it finished in time.

I love this pattern; I've used it before with a jelly roll for myself. This time I used a Bali Pop and I will probably never use another; the strips weren't cut even widths and the fabrics were not color fast(I did warn my cousin that she probably shouldn't wash it!)

I do love how it turned out. I couldn't decide on a border so I left it off.

Quilted with Watercourse.


  1. It's beautiful! What's the name of the pattern?

  2. That is really gorgeous! I love the colors and the layout! Thanks for sharing!

  3. Wow...I am in love with this! Bali pops, hey? I have one, but haven't used it, yet. Good to know.

  4. Beautiful piece! I would also like to know the name/designer of the pattern. Looks like a good stash-buster!

  5. A wonderful quilt! Love the colors and the pattern... 8-)

  6. This is gorgeous and I really appreciate the warning on the Bali Pops. This was the exact one I had been thinking of buying and have now decided to rather buy yardage or FQ's which can be prewashed and I can cut them myself.


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