a confession

I thought long and hard over the weekend of continuing with my blog. To be honest, I've felt pressure to blog; I love posting things almost every day and lately that has just seemed like too much to get accomplished. I've felt guilty for not having new things to show you and I wondered, should I continue with this?

The answer is yes, for the main reason that I do love doing it; when I don't feel guilty lol. Why did I feel guilty? I hadn't touched my sewing machine in 5 weeks. Yes, FIVE weeks. Yikes. Course I was away, I was sick when I got back, my machine was in being serviced(I did bring a spare one home from work but never unpacked it).

I was hoping on the weekend, since the kids had no school on Friday and with Monday being the holiday, I would have 4 days of sewing bliss. That was not meant to be and you know what? It's all okay. We had a great weekend; some surprises that weren't that pleasant(it's all good, no worries). I got our dining room and hallway repainted; so glad that is finished and I do love how it turned out. Even though I'm still not 100% sold on the dining room paint color.

We went on some family adventures.

Come back later today to see a picture of the goat that tried to eat me.

I also played in my garden.

I got 15 of these beauties for $20-what a bargain! Dahlias are one of my absolute favorite flowers.

Yesterday I took off of work as well. And I finally fired up my sewing machine and got working on my last two(well four) blocks for my Pinwheel Sampler.

Block 7

And Block 8. I went with the Mosaic Block.

Than it was on to the mini pinwheels. Rachel didn't put them in with the sampler but once I saw them in her original quilt, I knew I had to have them.

I had started some a few months ago, teeny tiny pinwheels.

Too small for my sashing. But oh so cute

These were too big.

Still too big.

Just right!!!


  1. I for one--- am glad you continue to blog (hate that word!!!). I don't comment as often as I should, and Lord knows I don't write in my own journal as often as I should... But even a post here and there is a great way to catalog your stitching...no pressure....Time outs are good for adults too. Hang in there-- loved your photos today....

  2. Sometimes I feel like quitting blogging too, because I feel like I need to post daily. I think at some point I felt that I blog because it's a way for me to share my creativity with others but I don't have the need to post everyday like I used to, even though I still post alot.
    You are so creative, I am glad you are continuing on. Just post when you get a chance. I love seeing your papercrafting side also.

  3. I hope you'll keep blogging... but I understand if you want to slack off. Just blog when you feel like it! :)

  4. I, too, am glad you'll continue blogger but never feel pressured to do it. When you need to be gone...be gone and never apologize for not posting. Your family life is WAY more important than posting and letting us in on things.

    Love the quilt pinwheels! (Did I say that right?) :)

  5. Yes, do keep blogging and ok if it's just even once in a while.
    You have an interesting blog!

  6. Glad to hear you're not going to stop. I'm often amazed at how much you accomplisch in a day, and find your blog fascinating. And inspiring - as a quilter, I look to others for ideas, and yours are some of the best. I went through a time of wondering what was the point in blogging, but have found so many new cyber-friends that I couldn't stop - had to learn to accept my limitations in not being able to blog every day. Keep on keeping on - you're doing a great job sharing your life, no matter how often you get to it!

  7. I just found your blog. So I am happy to hear that you are staying at it. Maybe we should say we are "slogging" Slacking/Blogging. It works for me. I think its important to remember, that there are times when people don't read your a blog every day either.

  8. Great pinwheels! Good for you getting back to it!

    As far as blogging, post when you want to! No need to post EVERY day... Even 2-3 times a week is good, rather than to stop blogging at all!

  9. Thanks for sharing your thoughts. I enjoy your blog alot but support you in a choice to blog only when you feel like it.

  10. I'm glad you're going to continue blogging...I wish I could post everyday, but it's just not reality at this stage of life for me. I find that if I remind myself that this is meant to be an online journal that my kids and I can peruse over the years then it keeps it in perspective for me. I don't feel the pressure to blog for anyone but myself! I love your blog...don't worry..you'll get your 'groove' back soon:)
    ps..where the heck did you get a deal on dahlias for that price??? I've been wanting to buy some too...

  11. Your blog is great! It's hard to check all my favourite blogs every day, so I love catching up on them about once a week, and I am always in awe that you are able to post every day. I don't think anybody would criticize you if you missed a day here and there (or even a week)! Like Andrea said... make your blog for you! And if anyone has a problem with that... tough luck :)


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