a thank you

To all my readers for your comments and emails on my blog post last week.

I am going to keep blogging. And if that turns into once or twice a week, than so it does(I don't think it will be summer is coming!)

So a big THANK YOU. Just keep in mind if your favorite weekly feature isn't posted one week, it will more than likely be back the next.

And like I said above, summer is coming. I have a list of fun stuffs I want to do with the kids this summer. I'm planning on blogging as usual but that may change. And if it does change, I will let you know!



  1. Ya gotta do what works for you! 8-)

  2. I very much enjoy your blog. But your family comes first. Doing things with your kids and enjoying the summer is so much more important. I will enjoy whatever you post, so enjoy your family!

  3. We can all relate! Looking forward to posts... but no pressure :)


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