calling all longarmers

I went through my pantographs and discovered that I had doubles of a few of them. Since they are used, I can't sell them at LongArm Supplies so I thought I would list them here.

Patterns are USED but still in good condition. Prices DO NOT include shipping and payment can be made by visa/mc/paypal; let me know in the comments.

Swirl by Norma Sharp. A 6inch double row. $8.00

Starry Night/Interlocking Feather Border by Sue Schmeiden. 2 - 5" designs per roll. This is BRAND NEW $10.00

Starburst by Jodi Beamish. 2 rows 13 ¾" (1 row 7 ") $8.00

Double Plume by Keryn Emmerson. 7" Wide Design $8.00

Chai Latte by Sue Pattern. 12" Wide Design. BRAND NEW $8.00

Crazy Puzzle by Dave Hudson. An 11inch row-$8.00.
I can't get the picture to show up but you can see it here.

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cookie said...

I'm interested in the Flowing Feathers and the Swirl if they are still available. Do you take paypal?

Unknown said...

Could I purchase
Shooting stars
Flowing Feathers and

Sarah said...

I love your new blog background!

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