I absolutely adore this line of fabric; it is so bright and happy.

This adorable quilt is for Hamels Quilt Store.

I have really debated about making a picnic quilt for myself with this line. It's very tempting!

Quilted with Daises and Loops and my current favorite thread. I've put this thread on so many quilts lately; I love how summery it is!


  1. I just bought a Scrap Bag of this line. I LOVE IT!!! That is a great qui;t.

  2. You know I love Frolic! That pattern you quilted in is beautiful and I love that thread too! Unfortunately, I don't need 1049 yards of it (lol). Maybe I can find something similar to do the quilting for my Frolic things. Thanks for the awesome inspiration.

    xo -E

  3. Alovely quilt, and great fabrics!! 8-)


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