home alone

This weekend was nothing like originally planned. I was supposed to be taking a custom quilting class this weekend. But sadly, my teachers sister is horribly sick and not expected to live and the class was cancelled. Jim had planned on taking off with the boys to go wilderness camping since I was going to be busy all weekend. Instead, I encouraged them to still go(a weekend home alone? yes please!) Oh wait, as #3 keeps reminding me, I'm not actually home alone. #3 likes camping like me, with showers, flush toilets and beds. So he stayed home with me too.

He and I went out to dinner on Friday(subway as he requested lol) Than I got pretty little flowers painted on my freshly manicured toes(I highly recommend not enlarging the picture. feet are simply not attractive!)

Saturday, a quick trip to the local garden store.

Than Bag Ladies descended for a sewing day.

Cindy and Jill arrived first.

Jill was working on a coin quilt and Cindy was starting a pretty quilt for her kitchen table.

Than Sarah.

I had told everyone I didn't want posed pictures and Sarah did this lol. She was working on a very cool raw-edge bag. I totally forgot to take a picture of the finished product so check her blog for it.

Sarah also brought us these neat thread boxes. Perfect timing since my other one was overflowing!

Than Andrea and Kim arrived.

Andrea was working on some applique

And Kim on some seasonal stitcheries.

I got an amazing amount of sewing done.
The binding on this.

I finished my pinwheels sampler.

I absolutely LOVE this quilt. Fingers crossed I can quilt it this week.

And finally did the custom quilt I was hired to make; it's being picked up on Wednesday lol.

She wanted a picture of Edward in the center of the quilt so this t-shirt gave it's life up for the quilt.

I wasn't sure how it was going to turn out due to a very limited budget my customer gave me but I think she'll like it. I'm quilting it up on Tuesday and will show you what I ended up doing than.

Today was spent working on some applique,

While lounging by the pool.

Tonight some moving watching. I never know who might show up ;)

But first, I'm hosting my Splurge group tonight and tomorrow off on a big city adventure with #3. And tomorrow come dinner, we'll all be home again.

I love summer.

3 love it too:

Kimberly said...

Great post, you busy lady, you!
It was a fun evening!
And sheesh... is that what my head looks like from the top?!?

Anonymous said...

Argh. It's THEN, not THAN.

Elizabeth said...

Wow! That was a great little stay-cation you had! Love your toes and I'm excited you finished your pinwheels! I have one block left and then about a million baby pinwheels for the 'cornerstones' and I've decided to put them as a border. I think that might be overkill, though. It's been on my mind a lot lately, but I've got to get a couple other things finished first. Anyway, yay! You got yours done! I love how the baby pinwheels look in the corners. The quilt definitely needs that. I'm so excited for you and can't wait to see how it comes out.

xo -E

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