day one

What fun we had! Started the day working with Mom's new Hartley Fence gadget.

After a too long laughter-filled lunch break(we had the entire restaurant in laughter at one point lol) it was back to the studio and time for me to learn cross-hatching.

And I love it; which I figured I would. And oh so very fun to do.

I apologize for the pictures, it was late when I got home and didn't get a chance to take the pictures until after it was dark.

I pieced this quilt 5 years ago this coming February. The piecing is horrific; I have really improved my piecing since. And it was the perfect quilt to practice cross-hating on. If I didn't like the end result, I wasn't too attached to the quilt. I feel differently now.

The quilt measures roughly 50 inches square(give or take an inch or two) and is from a long ago magazine. Now I wonder if I still have the binding saved.

Can't wait for day two tomorrow.


  1. sounds like you're learning AND having fun! Enjoy!

  2. That quilt is really gorgrous! The cross-hatching really sets it off. Your lines are so straight. How did you do it? Tips, please!

    xo -El


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