the good, the bad, and the ugly

The good-way better day than yesterday. I got 8 cards made this morning and than I made not one but TWO quilts this afternoon! The second quilt just needs a border(I really really wish the quilt store was open late!) The best part; it's a baby quilt and baby was being born while I was sewing the quilt :)

The bad-my computer is dead. Like DEAD dead. Went to log in and it turned off. Not a good sign. Thankfully Jim is home and is trying to trouble shoot the computer.

The good-Jim has a second computer in his office.

The ugly-trying not to think of the 8yrs of pictures on my computer that I do not have backed-up!!!!!!


  1. Woohoo with the cards and quilts...good for you! Sorry about your computer but hopefully your DH can fix it. Here's to a better day for you tomorrow!

  2. Do not panic! Most times the hard drive can be put in another computer and you can retrieve those photos. Of course, if the hard drive is your problem...bummer.

  3. Darn machines, eh? Hope it's up and running again soon. When you have a chance, stop by my blog. I've got a little something for you.

  4. Too bad about the computer...I hope it can get fixed!


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