here comes baby

Have had quite a few baby quilts in the past few weeks; here are two of my favorites.

Love love love this Inukshuk pattern; so cute!

And this Flying Geese baby quilt. I think this is the best constructed Flying Geese quilt I have ever quilted. It was so flat, so even; perfect!

Both quilted with Cotton.


  1. great job on the quilts! love them!

  2. wow...can't says I've ever seen an Inukshuk quilt before...who'da thunk it?

  3. I absolute LOVE that Inukshuk pattern! Did you buy the pattern? And if so, do you recall from where? Or design it?

    My husband and I honeymooned in the Canadian Rockies last summer, so we saw Inukshuks everywhere, even out on remote hiking trails as markers. I'd love to have that pattern as a special reminder.

  4. I love the Inukshuk quilt. Stunning!



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