This year, B is taking recorder in school. The night before his first lesson, he asked me if I could make him a bag for the recorder. I had some leftover flannel in my scrap bin and whipped up this.

On the way home from school Friday, B asked if I had more flannel fabric. Turns out, all the girls in his class wanted recorder bags too.

Today I made a quick stop at a fabric store and $9.00 later, I had enough fabric to make 5 more bags(Yes, only 5 girls in his class).

They close drawstring style. And I think they are pretty cute for the 15minutes each they took to put together.

Hope the girls like them.


  1. The girls are going to LOVE them! Good on ya, Rhonda!

  2. when I was in 4th grade, my mom made one of these too. so the year I taught music, I sewed bags for all the recorders. it's so fun to please kids!


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