sew excited!

Today is the start of training for me. For the next three days, I get hands on custom training from two APQS reps and a third longarmer whose work I love.

And see these? Donna who works for us, made me a bunch of charity quilts(there are ten in total) for me to practice with. Thanx so much Donna!

Now I'm off to work! YAY!


  1. Fun fun fun! Trying a longarm would be such a treat I think! And to have quilts to practise on is just too good to be true, huh?! Let us see how you do!!!

  2. Would LOVE to try any type of longarm machine! Have had my B.440QE machine for about a year now and love it! Is the "Liberty" machine still 'on the market'? So enjoy your writings.

  3. Doreen, yes the Liberty is still for sale. If you would like more info on it, you can email me at


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