Some background on this quilt. Cindy went to Ontario a few years ago and spotted this quilt
photo from Evelyn's Sewing Center

Cindy and I fell in love with it. When she got home, she hunted down the pattern(Pretty 'N Pink by Daisy and Dell). A year later, I was at a quilt show and saw the Sonnet fabric and bought up all I could. And the pattern/fabric waited and waited.

I started this quilt about a month ago. I almost gave up more than once. I used charm squares for my center and soon realized the quilt was made of 5.5inch squares(of course I had already cut all my sashings to 5.5inches) Next I could simply NOT figure out the en point; I've done en point quilts before but this time, I was just not getting it.

Monday night I started sewing the top together and added the two inner borders. I was cutting my fabrics for the borders when I realized that there was too much of two of the colors; it wasn't blending right for me. I put the quilt aside and spent 2.5 hours Saturday night cutting out 44 leaves and 22 flower bodies and 22 flower centers.

Sunday afternoon I decided to do a piano-key border but than the flowers were too much. Today I cut all the fabrics into 2.5inch strips and started sewing away. As you can see, I decided to add a flower in each corner, which I may still scallop. I've decided to not scallop the piano-key border; I think there are too many seams.

The quilt is nowhere near perfect; the top right-hand triangle I believe is almost half the size of the other 3. And there is enough fullness in the middle that it should be entertaining to quilt. But I am so happy it's finished; it's going to look wonderful on my dining room table. Now can I get one more quilt top finished today?


  1. Phew! You made it through a diffiquilt situation!!! I like the piano key edge a lot, good job!!!

  2. Great quilt--- needs to be thrown over a porch swing in the fall. I love the colors.

  3. Looking great Rhonda! Love it! 8-)


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