i should be blogging

But I am exhausted. Saturday our church held a community outreach for lower income and homeless people. It was amazing; you can see a brief glimpse of it here. It was a very loooooong day. Sunday I was back teaching Sunday school; and this year my class is a handful lol.

I was so overtired last night that I didn't sleep well and ended up having a very unproductive day at work. So now I am behind for the week; yay. Not.

So I didn't get around to getting a picture of a quilt to show you. I'm going with the reason that it's too dark to get a good picture now. Plus I've done something with this quilt that I don't normally do; I've washed it. The backing fabric was/is very stiff and uncomfy; so into the washing machine it went. Why am I not a fan of washing quilts right away? I really really love the crispness of quilts when they are first finished.

But I do have something to show you. Over the summer I had two friends move away. I made these new home cards for them.

And just because this made me laugh.


  1. Sorry about your night/day...that is so frustrating! Your cards are cute though and that cat is silly!

  2. love the chwk connect thing! so want to be involved next year


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