quilt monday

Going to do things a little different today and show all my fall quilties. The first one is new; it is one of my favorites and I've made a few of them in the past years. It's just too quick and easy to whip up.

Now I can get back to finally finishing this.

I've ended up doing it different than the pattern but I like how it's turning out. Hopefully I'll actually get this finished today!

And don't forget, the Falling into Fall Giveaway is still on! Enter mine here.


  1. I really love the one with the leaves, but that quilt is gorgeous! You are a quilting magician!

  2. Love them all, but the last one is my favorite, as I love night scenes! Your quilt is beautiful. :)

  3. I love how the sonnet one is coming together with the piano key border! I guess I'll forgive you for not doing the flowers... maybe? Or, hey, you could put a flower in each corner. :)

    PS. Thanks for the reminder about the fall giveaways. I still haven't entered them!

  4. Oh...just love your fall quilts and wall hangings, you are right, the first one is soo cute...as are the rest.

  5. Wonderful Fall-time quilts! Love them! 8-)


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