day one

Of our 5 day no work no school break. I did a bunch of baking this morning(oh so good) and caught up on the laundry(honestly is anyone ever truly caught up on laundry?). I managed to make it into my sewing room after lunch and got together a quilt for my sister in law's mom. Erica found this panel at Quilts Canada and asked me to make something for her mom out of it. Had some trouble with the blocks not being square and ended up losing some of the words around the blocks but it's still good. I'll have to find something for a border. I'm pleased that the yellow and green sashings are from my stash.

And I got a lovely surprise in the mail today; a late birthday present. This is truly the birthday that is never ending! Can't wait to make these; so cute!

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  1. Just love what you did with that fabric, that sashing just sets everything off.

    What a fun B day present.....

  2. Quilt top looking good so far! That green and yellow works well!

    Love these B-day goodies Rhonda! Darling patterns!!


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