oh the horrors!

I was getting tomorrow's Wordless Wednesday post ready(I have to work tomorrow and wanted it up before I go) and I got the dreaded message from Blogger that I had exceeded my picture quota-ACK!

So I broke out Jim's credit card(thanx hunny!) and bought some more storage space. And now I have to wait up to 24hours to post any pictures. But at least I will be able too!

P.S: Since many are asking, I paid $5us for 20GB of photo storage. Blogger says that's about 10,000 pictures. And it was the cheapest. That is $5/year by the way.
I've been blogging for just over 4 years so there you go :)


  1. Oh, my! That's a real thing? There's a photo limit??
    Wow! I'm so glad you mentioned this! I had no clue!
    By the way, love your holiday theme on your blog. So cute!

  2. Okay, so I'm with Staci and didn't know you could do that. Wow! I hope that doesn't happen to me...lol!

  3. Me too! There's a photo limit?? I guess they find a way for us to whip out the credit cards, one way or another.

  4. When that happens to me I am going to have my blog printed and then start deleted the ole archives!

  5. Well that is new to me too... Hm!


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