I've had some questions about the quilties I blogged yesterday(see them here). Because they are so little, I put the borders on, apply the appliqué than sandwich the quilt and do my blanket-stitch(or as I call it, my button-holing) right through all 3 layers.

And just to crisp the binding up, I'll even sew that on before I trim the quilt.

Now that can be a little tricky, especially when trimming the excess backing and batting off. More than once, I've nicked my binding and had to remove it and start over.

Now they sit in my to be bound pile; it really doesn't seem to be shrinking at all!


  1. Enjoyed seeing your quilting and how you do it....not a bad pile at all!

  2. I know one should put the binding on before trimming the quilt but I find that difficult. Do you have any tips, particularly for the bed size quilts?

  3. So that is how you are "supposed" to bind a quilt? Really? I never knew that! I trim and then sew my binding on... Will have to try your way on a small project...


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