all year round santa

2007 I saw this quilt in a magazine; it was so cute. In 2008, I found the center panel used to make the quilt. I bought two panels and traced out the appliques. And tossed it all into my UnFinished Obejects bin.

When I drew Sarah's name for our Christmas brunch, I thought of this quilt.

I pieced the quilt Sunday and quilted it Tuesday. Sarah received it yesterday.

Now I need to finish mine.


  1. Your quilt turned out really cute! What magazine was it in?

  2. Wow! Speed Quansalis (sp?) there aren't you!?! lol! Good stuff, and looks great! 8-)

  3. I LOVE my quilt!!! Thank you so much! You totally went over the budget, you know :)

  4. So adorable! I absolutely love old world Santas.

    -- Colleen @ Made by Colleen


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